About the book


Book photoCargo Cult is a historical/contemporary adventure novel based on a rare 17th century Japanese artefact, fusuma. 

Three early historical chapters trace the origins and movements of the the Path and Order fusuma, a set of painted gold leaf panels, from feudal Japan to the end of the Second World War when it finds its way to Hawai'i. Oda Tanaka is the last samurai of his lineage and his descendants in these chapters have chance contacts with the fusuma. 
Other than the historical references the book is set in 2001. 
A ruthless crook, Wayne Fletcher and his sidekick thug Carlos, steal the fusuma from their elderly owner in Maui, having established its worth through his cockney pal Rex, who trades artefacts in the South Pacific paradise of Vanuatu. 
The fusuma is the only one in existence to depict samurai warriors with Buddhist monks and is extremely valuable, especially to Takeji Yamada, the ambitious leader of the Yakuza in Kobe. When an opportunity arises to acquire the fusuma, a series of deals ensue to bring the cargo to Vanuatu, so the panels can be smuggled from the Japanese fishery on the island of Espiritu Santo to Kobe. 
A couple of young cavalier expatriates living in Port Vila, Jack and Oscar find out about the cargo through Rex’s daughter, Rachel. On a whim and without fully appreciating the stakes involved, they plan a heist once the cargo arrives at the Japanese fishery in Vanuatu.   
With the help of Simon, a local ni-Vanuatu who knows the islands well and Michelle, Jack’s mixed race girlfriend, the crew snatches the cargo and is pursued through the idyllic yet hazardous islands.  
After various adventures aboard the Matilda, the final showdown in Port Vila presents a few twists and turns for Jack and Oscar. 
Contents and Map 
Map of Vanuatu
Chapter 1                  Kyoto 1874
Chapter 2                  Tanna
Chapter 3                  Kobe 1905
Chapter 4                  Port Vila

Chapter 5                  Kobe 1946

Chapter 6                  Lahaina

Chapter 7                  Honolulu and Lahaina

Chapter 8                  Kobe

Chapter 9                  Port Vila and Luganville

Chapter 10                Kobe and Tokyo

Chapter 11                Honolulu and Lahaina

Chapter 12                Port Vila

Chapter 13                Santo

Chapter 14                Santo

Chapter 15                Santo and Malo

Chapter 16                Santo and Malekula

Chapter 17                Ambrym and Santo  

Chapter 18                Ambrym

Chapter 19                Lopevi and Epi                  

Chapter 20                Shepherd Islands and Port Vila

Chapter 21                Eretoka and Efate

Chapter 22                Eretoka and Efate

Chapter 23                Port Vila

Chapter 24                Port Vila

Chapter 25                Port Vila